Put down the tweezers and say no to razors, because at Page 3, we ensure the ultimate waxing experience without the ouch! Experience Aloe vera, Brazilian, or even Chocolate Waxing at Page 3 and unlock your smooth skin.

Brightening Wax

Introducing PAGE3’s new scientific Brightening Wax System infused with Saffron and Arbutin that gives you silky smooth skin while brightening it at the same time. Discover the revolutionary wax that does much more than just waxing.

Chocolate Wax

Wonder who loves chocolate more, your skin or you? Our chocolate waxing not only ensures radiance with a rich afterglow but also makes your skin sinfully smooth & exquisite.

Styling For Women

Get a golden glow on your skin with our Gold Wax. Not really, duh! But our exclusive temperature-controlled cartridges helps slow hair growth & de-tans your skin. Now isn’t that a very good reason to give it a try?

Brazilian Wax

There are a ‘Brazilian’ reasons to get a Brazilian! Use this Hollywood stars’ secret to get bikini-ready for the beach. Our special, strip less and soothing wax leave the extra-sensitive areas painlessly, clean and soft.

Aloe Vera Wax

Naturally relaxing. Naturally good. Our Aloe Vera waxing gives you the nourishing touch of nature while leaving your skin radiant, smooth and naturally glowing.

Bio Marine Wax

Experience the visible benefits and enjoy a smooth and soft skin with our Bio-Marine Waxing. This delightful waxing is proven effective for nearly painless and ultra-hygienic hair growth reduction.