Bridal Beauty Preparation

At Page 3 Salon, we’re devoted to making you feel truly special on your special journey with complete safety and care!

We understand that the months leading up to a wedding are always a stressful time and that’s where we come in to ease your nerves. To reveal the ultimate bridal glow, we have specially curated pre-bridal packages that will indulge you from head to toe and give you a glow like none other. Ranging from a 1-month promise package for brides who want to take their own sweet time to get the glow, to express packages for last-minute plans to save you from all the stress, we have everything you need.

We treat you to a series of indulgent skin, hair, hands, and feet treatments from the minute you step into the salon until your D-Day, that will leave you looking and feeling like the modern-day queen that you are.


Who doesn't love to look stunning on a special occasion here we got you covered with splendid makeup that easily blends and suits you. Reveal your radiance with long-wearing, natural makeup that is as good for the skin as it is beautiful to wear.

HD Makeup

As it goes high definition makeup that blends every smallest detail like wrinkles, blemishes, creases, and uneven skin tones. Making you look HD highlighted and boosts your picture making you look even more pretty and gorgeous.


Millions of droplets connect to create even, smooth and flawless skin texture. Airbrush technique used to apply blush, eye shadow, lip colours, and refine eyebrows. It is done to perfection and our expert airbrush artist have techniques that can give you a natural-looking finish.


A groom's fashion has always stood as a statement at weddings! Be it any style a groom can pull it off well with just a decent amout of makeup done by experts at Page3. Not too much nor too less the exact amount is that what is needed and is achieved by us to make our grooms look every handsome.

Saree Drape

Offbeat and a tradition that never goes out of style is saree. India is known for its culture and moreover the different ways of draping a saree. Get to drape your sarees and have that awe inspiring look.


The perfect party makeup look consists of five key elements: a mattifying primer, foundation with SPF protection, long-lasting eye color, shimmery bronze cheeks, and soft, supple pout etc. Party wear can be tricky but still, our experts makeup artist make you look flawless.


Tiny little toddlers need to be pampered and they are the ones who are gaining the attention, so these kids need to look like cuties, as the say goes "Such a cutie". Caring for your kids makeup is our number one priority, our experts use children-friendly makeup so that it gives a nice look to your child.


Captivating eyes can capture anyone's heart so make it the most adorable part with a dark eyeliner that gets your eyes popped out added with some shimmer to give a golden effect and make it look even more sparkling. Doing the eye part can be a challenge but our professionals are excellent at it giving the perfect makeup look.

Whether you are looking for a striking airbrushed look, natural flawless finish or an artistic pop of colour, Page3 creates masterpieces with her makeup.

With her unique artistry, extensive industry experience and meticulous attention-to-detail, Page3 can transform any face for any occasion, from a destination wedding, glamorous red carpet event or elegant party look.