We believe pampering has no limits. Enter the world of grace and elegance with our carefully curated signature hair ritual. With the future of haircare in our hands, we help you empower and unleash the beauty within you.


Fusio dose

Is your hair feeling a bit dry or dull? Do you want the colour to have more of a boost? Is your hair feeling frizzy? Then Fusio-Dose by Kerastase is the perfect treatment for you. Your stylist will have a consultation with you to understand what your hair needs most and then create the treatment based on your hair’s specific needs. Fusio-Dose treats and instantly transforms hair leaving it soft, nourished and gorgeous.

Elixir Ultime Sublime Precious Oil Ritual

Elixir Ultime is the iconic routine for tremendously shiny hair. With the enhancing power of precious hair oils at the heart of its formula, it leaves hair soft, healthy and incredibly radiant. It nourishes and protects the hair for long-lasting radiance and durable anti-frizz protection.

Express Ritual

Customised hair care ritual and indulgent textures which ensure that your hair is completely transformed from within.

Experience Ritual

For calming dry, frizzy and rebellious hair, leaving it soft, smooth & easy to manage. It helps to rebuild the inner substance of hair that has been weakened naturally or due to chemical treatments.

VIP Ritual

Curated for those looking for the ultimate indulgence for their hair, this treatment works like a miraculous elixir to cleanse, purify and revive lifeless hair. This treatment leaves the scalp revived and calmed, hair feels toned, strengthened and repaired, locks are silky and glowing with brand-new volume.

Scalp Ritual

This treatment relieves scalp from redness, itches, tingling or burning sensation. It soothes the scalp and boosts its immunity against discomfort. It also helps to exfoliate dandruff prone scalp leaving it soft and clean.

Homme Oil Ritual (Exclusively for Men)

An energizing and revitalizing oil massage ritual specifically curated for men. A ritual designed to stimulate the hair bulb and nourish the hair from the root.